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SD-WAN Services To Drive Office 365

Considering SD-WAN Services to Drive Office 365 Performance

Application performance of cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 differs wildly when the end users are disseminated geographically. Every company, no matter what size it is, is moving to the cloud. To ensure the adoption of Office 365, companies can take the help of SD-WAN technology. We will discuss below some factors, for escalating cloud based 365 through SD-WAN.


Microsoft owns data center globally, they allow one active instance of Office 365 to the customer and incline their service close to the largest base of users. These users use public internet to access cloud-based applications.

If the Microsoft data center is near to the whole database then there will be no concern. But, if the company operates globally the performance may vary. More remote users mean more networks are included, which will lead to more service providers. It will increase the probability of network congestion and jitter, packet loss, unreliability, and high latency, which will impair application performance.

If public internet is used to transport the information, performance issues of Office 365bwill not be addressed adequately.

  • Evaluating the Options

The Microsoft wants 365 to be successful for all consumers, may they be operating in a single place or dispersed geographically. They provide with advice on how to identify and access the issue.

  • Holistic Approach

As Office 365 is popular, it’s not likely to happen the only SaaS service a company would need. It will be inappropriate to highly customize the company’s network, utilizing different connectivity options to meet performance requirements for every SaaS supplier. Sometimes, connectivity options don’t recognize the requirements of application performance. Rather, the company can find an SD-WAN service which may identify the needs for each SaaS resources.

The bandwidth requirement for Office 365 will differ substantially based on the used services and quantity of the clients. In some scenarios, WAN traffic will be inflated than in-house deployments as the server is moved to the cloud. It makes crucial for global organizations to use WAN  optimization. WAN technologies will not operate as they need a virtual appliance or hardware at the end of the link to attain desired results in transferring the data. Companies should opt for an SD-WAN service that may have built-in optimization.

  • Choosing the Right Partner

SD-WAN solely will not be the best decision for the deployment of Office 365. Rather than, managed services for global connectivity will help you for having optimized SD-WAN. This helps you from the construction of global private networks, saving an organization’s time and money. Managed WAN services will provide with the direct connection to access Office 365 instances, that may be situated thousand miles away from the end user. This will improve the performance of Office 365 and enable SD-WAN services on a monthly subscription.

AA NetConsult managed SD-WAN services will help your business to save money, time and simplifying WAN environment for your business and making network agile.