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Local Area Network

Local Area Network (LAN) is a network that interconnects networks within a limited area. AA NetConsult delivers end-to-end LAN services to ensure the performance and stability of all applications within the company. We offer managed LAN services from design, planning, implementation to network management.
We take responsibility for all components of LAN services for your network’s initial configuration of the LAN ports and WLAN access points, management of relevant hardware and software, hardware maintenance, and rollout.
AA NetConsult provides you with the latest LAN management solutions. We help you to run and support your LAN, meeting the needs of complex corporation needs and decentralised Operations.

Advantages of managed LAN services

Tailored Services

We deliver LAN services configured to your business requirements and technical needs. We design, consult and configure networks, according to our client’s needs. Our experts understand your network needs and site requirements, they deliver LAN services that meet your demands. We deploy new business IT applications and strategies so that our consumer enjoys greater agility.


AA NetConsult maintain, transform or manage your LAN, designed around your specific business needs so you enjoy maximised reliable and uptime communications. We provide maintenance of your network devices and equipment to diagnose any fault, so it may be replaced or fixed accordingly. We do not only deploy LAN services but we also provide you with complete managed LAN services and make sure that your networks are running smoothly and at full capacity.

24/7 Assistance

Our experts are available to assist you 24/7 , and assure that your network is performing efficiently. We support any requirement or issue from any fault to update the device. We actively monitor and analyse your network, to minimise risk and get the maximum network performance. To minimise disruption, we proactively manage networks to spot and resolve issues timely.

Cost Efficiency

We provide your network with latest technologies and reduced operational costs by increasing the organization’s efficiency. We offer fast, reliable and cost-effective LAN services and solutions that meet your expectations. Our consultants are available to advise you to select appropriate solutions, concerned with your business Needs.

Why AA NetConsult managed services?

Provide your network with secured, fast and reliable managed LAN services, with AA NetConsult. We ensure high network performance and availability.