Internet of Things (IoT), Revolution to technologies

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Internet of Things (IoT), Revolution to technologies

The Internet of Things, known as IoT is influencing our lifestyles, from the way we react to the way we think. IoT is a vast network that connects devices. Sophisticated sensors and chips are installed in the physical things around us, embedded with network connectivity. These sensors continuously emit data about the working of devices and then sent it to a single IoT platform where they are analysed. These devices gather and share data that how they are used and in which environment they are operating.

IoT industry’s future is gigantic. Business insider intelligence, projects that almost 55 billion IoT devices will be installed by 2025.

Internet of Things had made the world smarter, through changing the technological landscape by connecting everything. IoT has enabled businesses to reach their full potential, by value creation and systematically addressing the challenges. IoT offers an expansion of internet-connected automation into a wide range of areas and industries. Industries are improving their existing systems by adapting, Internet of Things. From transport industry, medical industry, manufacturing to hospitality industry, IoT is everywhere.

Benefits of Internet of Things

  • Communication (Machine to Machine, M2M)
  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Better decision-making
  • Cost efficient
  • Saves Time
  • Safety and comfort
  • Better Customer Experiences
  • High-quality data
  • Reduced human efforts

Internet of Things opens a broad range of possibilities to enhance the quality of life in all aspects. IoT is about real-time interactions and connectivity. IoT will change lives for sure, but it alone can’t help businesses to flourish. Companies should level-up IoT in their businesses, for better customer experience, increase operations and company growth.