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What is WAN? ( a brief intro)

Wan is an extensive communication network, which connects locations over a broad geographical area, across continents, states, countries, and cities. WAN can be traced back from the 1970s when Frame Relay service appeared as an alternative to the point-to-point service options offered then.

WAN has wide coverage of about 1000 Km or unlimited based on WAN technologies. The internet is an example of a WAN, as it connects lots of metro area network (MAN) or local area networks (LAN), through the use of ISPs. Small businesses may also have a WAN, that has cloud services, to connect smaller branch offices to the headquarters.

Technologies of WAN

  • Point-to-Point Links
  • Circuit Switching
  • Packet Switching
  • WAN Virtual Circuits
  • WAN Dial-Up Services
  • WAN Devices
  • WAN Switches
  • Access Servers
  • Analog Modems
  • Data Service Unit
  • ISDN Terminal Adapter


Why set up a WAN network?

If you have your company’s branches in several locations, and you want to increase internal communication and boost productivity, wide area network (WAN) is a feasible option for your firm. By deploying WAN to your organization, you will be benefited from following benefits.

  • Centralized Data

Companies can share any data with all office branches through head office server. WAN shares the data with everyone in a network. It enables support, backup and other useful data from the head office, synchronized with all other office branches across the locations.

  • Centralized IT Infrastructure

WAN simplifies server management, you won’t need to back-up, host, and support several units. A WAN eliminates the need to buy servers or emails for each office. Alternatively, you can set up one at your head office only. WAN provides economies of scale for the whole company, by providing IT resources that they can tap into.

  • Boosts Privacy

WAN allows organizations to transmit sensitive data across all your sites and locations without sending the information over the internet. WAN adds the extra layer of protection for any critical material being sent, by encrypting your data before sending it.

  • SLA Monitoring

WAN providers timely monitor and support to business’s networks. They visually display critical performances for rapid insight into WAN performance. Test the network between routers and IP device and then display WAN performance to you.

  • Decreased Travel Cost and Distributed Workload

A company can distribute the workload to other locations through WAN. It allows you to monitor activities of the subordinates online and reduce your travel charges. For e.g. Your company operates the head office in Canada, you can communicate with employees working in Europe branch over WAN.

Besides, providing support for a large number of terminals and variety of applications, WANs let organizations widen their networks by plug-in connections over locations and increase interconnectivity through using routers, gateways, and bridges. WANs boost the company’s competitiveness, profitability and increase internal communication by ensuring IT security, reliability and availability.

AA NetConsult provides WAN services from managing to deploying hardware.